HOMEWORK (1st 2nd 5th 6th)


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PE Make Up Schedule


Dance Teach at Home #1

Fri Feb 27 (A) & Mon Mar 2 (B)

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PE Make Up Form


Challenge Unit Essay

Thu Mar 5 (A) & Fri Mar 6 (B)

PJHS School Webpage

PE Make Ups Attended


Dance Teach at Home #2

Mon Mar 9 (A) & Tue Mar 10 (B)











HOMEWORK (0 Period)


E-mail Mr.Dee: zdee@petk12.org


Dance Teach at Home #1

Mon Mar 2



Challenge Unit Essay

Fri Mar 6

Dance Packet/Steps


Dance Teach at Home #2

Tue Mar 10










Having trouble with the homework gmail login? Try these tips below:


- For the online homework assignments students must use their school district assigned gmail account; it will not work with any other gmail account or any other personal email address.


- The student username for most students is their first initial, last name, and 2 digit year of their high school graduation (although there are a couple exceptions)

                     example: John Smith, graduating high school in 2020, his username = jsmith20


- The student e-mail address is their username followed by @petk12.org

                     example: John Smith, graduating high school in 2020, his e-mail address = jsmith20@petk12.org


- When logging in you do not have to include the @petk12.org if it is already listed below the login box


- Once the password has been setup (after the first time log in) then only the student knows that password.  Students should have both their username and/or password written down inside their school planners.


- If the password is lost/forgotten then the student must contact the main office to reset it.