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Having trouble with the homework gmail login? Try these tips below:


- For the online homework assignments students must use their school district assigned gmail account; it will not work with any other gmail account or any other personal email address.


- The student username for most students is their first initial, last name, and 2 digit year of their high school graduation (although there are a couple exceptions)

                     example: John Smith, graduating high school in 2019, his username = jsmith19


- The student e-mail address is their username followed by

                     example: John Smith, graduating high school in 2019, his e-mail address =


- When logging in you do not have to include the if it is already listed below the login box


- Once the password has been setup (after the first time log in) then only the student knows that password.  Students should have both their username and password written down inside their school planners.


- If the password is lost/forgotten then the student must contact Mr. Ferriola in the PJHS computer lab to reset it.